CPMA 1.00

Ah, ayet ! La version 1.00 de CPMA est sortie à l’instant ffs m8.
Je laisse la parole à quelques personnes autorisées qui retracent l’historique d’un long développement communautaire et des personnes clés :
· Blabla d’arQonarQon> okay, i’m not big on speeches and you’re all getting antsy i expect :P, so i’ll keep this fairly short
arQon> this has been a ridiculously long and complex project
arQon> the files are up, and in a few minutes i’ll put you all out of my misery by activating the link
arQon> but before i do that, i want to name a few names
arQon> and remind you of some of the people who’ve made it possible to actually GET here
arQon> first off, for those of you who came to the party late and don’t know about the history, it all starts with Hoony
arQon> he came up with the idea in the first place, which was the easy bit, and then actually put together an international team, managed it, and made it happen
arQon> that’s a LOT harder
arQon> so many mods that didn’t even have a tenth of the complexity of cpma never even made it past alpha, because their was no-one holding the reins for them
arQon> more than anything, this release is a result of hoony’s sheer determination to see the Right Thing done for FPS gamers, and you ALL owe him for it
arQon> a|rhea gave us a huge headstart to becoming a truly competition-class game with his contributions
arQon> without those, cpma wouldn’t be the tournament-suitable game it is today
arQon> because no matter how good your gameplay is, you need a quality environment to PLAY it in, and thanks to OSP we had that 6 months earlier than we would have otherwise
arQon> DK has given us a huge amount of support over the last couple of years, running the tournaments that some of the slower people needed to open their eyes to just how good ProMode gaming could be
arQon> only a year ago, there were barely a handful of CPMA servers available in the US: now we have tournaments and leagues springing up everywhere
arQon> a|citizen, on top of his work with the original design team, has recently given us speakeasy servers all across the country, which is just huge
arQon> and speakeasy themselves, along with the OGL, provide the bandwidth and servers for promode.org and chtv, that you guys are going to be raping in about 3 more minutes
arQon> our design, mapping, and art teams, literally scattered all over the world, put up with a HUGE amount of grief from myself and the players, because things HAVE to be perfect for us to accept them
arQon> that leads to months of discussion, testing, and tweaking, all of which is done on their own time for your benefit
arQon> they’re great people, and no matter how much you may disagree with the decisions they make at the end of it all, they deserve credit for actually making things happen
arQon> and finally (jep, im done) i just want to thank the people who aren’t officially recognised but still contributed in all sorts of ways
arQon> the players who’ve helped us out with feedback over the years, and wowed those of us who created the game with things even WE didn’t think were possible
arQon> MAD love to pretty much all of Poland, not for adopting the game so early on but for the games they played with it
arQon> i don’t think i’ll ever forget the first time i saw venom’s early games, and later players like matr0x
arQon> i’m really, really proud of what we’ve all acheived over the last few years
arQon> those 2 things, the game and the mod, are just an incredible acheivement
arQon> each one alone would be spectacular, and together they give us a game that’s unique and is likely to remain so for years, if not forever
arQon> and now, i’m off to activate the dl link – i’ll be back in 2 minutes…
arQon> :)

Pour les détails techniques et les apports de cette mise à jour, je vous suggère la news d’Acid sur QuakeFR, qui d’une part est bien, et d’autre part me permet l’air de rien de militer contre une fusion QuakeFR / FreFraFac en soulignant la complementarité des sites :P

Pour les mirrorzh, vous avez QuakeFR (sur Free en fait, ça bourre pas mal), y’a surement d’autres choses sur le site officiel.

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid AciD
    AciD le 04/01/2003 à 01:04


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    Ahah comment il est trop laid AciD
    AciD le 04/01/2003 à 01:06

    sont tellement occuper à trouver un lien ki marche que g pu first poster,

    SAI FOU !!!

  3. 3
    Ahah comment il est trop laid Quaigy
    Quaigy le 04/01/2003 à 01:27

    et la v1.0.0.1.beta3 elle sort quand ? :3

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid blemish
    blemish le 04/01/2003 à 02:49

    et matez la demo d’apheleon incluse dans le pk3, sur cpm15, pour voir un peu ce que peuvent donner les mouvements en cpma promode 1 :o
    (oui jme fais de la pub :p)

  5. 5
    Ahah comment il est trop laid Jazka
    Jazka le 04/01/2003 à 05:16

    « militer contre une fusion QuakeFR / FreFraFac en soulignant la complementarité des sites »

    C’est pas une raison de plus pour fusionner ça sachant que fff à apriori bcp plus de hits?

    De tte façon Ozh veut pas y’a même pas de débat hein, juste une question.

  6. 6
    Ahah comment il est trop laid Ster
    Ster le 04/01/2003 à 06:09

    je dirais meme que fff fait des myiarddddds de hits et nous 3/4 et encore =)

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid nOtts
    nOtts le 04/01/2003 à 09:26

    Il y a eu un tournois gagné par z4 il n’y a pas longtemps aux USA utilisant ta map pour la final justement.

    Cette finale, c’est-elle jouée en Promode 1 ?

  8. 8
    Ahah comment il est trop laid blemish
    blemish le 04/01/2003 à 14:09

    euh y a eu un tournoi cpma, challenges, où z4 a participé il y a pas lgtps (et où cpm15 était jouée) mais il est pas allé jusqu’en finale :o
    la finale c’était rat/apheleon !
    daler a participé aussi, et d’autres vq3ers connus…
    pour toutes les demos: http://challenge-tv.com/

    demos de la finale:

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid XunK
    XunK le 04/01/2003 à 15:16

    d ailleurs rat a pris une manche (dm6) à apheleon avec 110 de ping \o/

  10. 10
    Ahah comment il est trop laid blemish
    blemish le 04/01/2003 à 15:25

    bah il a meme gagné le premier match (2 manches donc), mais comme il venait du loser bracket ils ont du en refaire un :>

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid idle
    idle le 04/01/2003 à 15:50

    aphelon a choisit des maps vq3 pour la grande finale, de peur de perdre à nouveau :D

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid Christ
    Christ le 04/01/2003 à 16:12

    j ai des maps qui rament sec

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid WhilelM
    WhilelM le 04/01/2003 à 16:31

    Le plus marrant, c’est que dans le sondage, les non sont passés devant les oui.
    Fo croire que le militant Ozh sait bien bouger les masses =)

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid NyKo
    NyKo le 04/01/2003 à 16:47

    on se rend surtout compte que ozh est revenu de congé de chez ses beau-parents =)

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid Kapiter
    Kapiter le 04/01/2003 à 20:07

    les votes fff nont guere de signification vu quon peut voter autant de fois quon veut. :)

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    Ahah comment il est trop laid WhilelM
    WhilelM le 06/01/2003 à 07:52

    Ben ouais mais fo croire que les non ont plus de convictions que les oui =)