Topic: Les quatre façons de jouer à Doom 3

(, ca vit à nouveau c'est coule)

1- The cheater.
   You don't think much and save every two minutes... Enter rooms like it was
    a birthday celebration and don't care if you miss because you just reload
    and retry until your actions are automatic and the game feels like a chore.

2- The newbie.
   You are following every order when the guy say, don't touch that; Hurry marine..
   Enter rooms because you just ran away from the previous one in panic and
   shoot everything that moves. You're in for the frag fest, you rush everything;
   It's fun that way too, but where is the glory.

3- The skilled player.
   You play in the dark; Look for clues and watch your back. You don't care what
   the officers say, take your time and save at strategic points. although Quick save
   is your friend; You don't play like a cheater for the perfect assault. Your confidence
   tells you that you'll find a med pack and ammo soon enough. An imperfect gameplay
   makes it even more immersive; While savedgame abuse ruins it.
   Like Blaedmon said:
  "Playing with 25 health is the definition of stress."

4- You decide.
    There is only Yourself to blame; Only Youcan play Doom3 like you really want.
    You cheat sometimes, and panic like a newbie at others.
    Not even your mom knows about it.  8)
    Only YOU really know what you want to get out of this game.

The best way to achieve your goal is to TUNE the graphical options until
you are comfortable; Plenty of web sites and threads in this forum for that.
Then....Oh shit.... I think I heard something.....
....Ahhhhh.... It's a...
,.,,,,,, Mo'Fu...It's got four legs....... across the room.

It's not possible.... Right here..
a,.GHSAjhh !',,,, AARRRr........... Flamethrower GAwk..
I' Gottago......,cl,.noa2 esc,

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