The Typo Trap

This is a free SEO tool designed to help webmasters find common typos and misspellings for keywords that are often searched for.

Common typos are swapping 2 letters, omitting a letter or space, or hitting a key right next to another (script here simulating a QWERTY keyboard)

Enter a word and click "Typo" to generate common misspellings

Misspellings and Search Engine Optimization

Why pay attention to typos and misspellings you may wonder ?

It is common wisdom among the search engine experts that there is a lot of traffic to be made from common typos and misspellings : hardly anyone else is targeting them, and an awful lot of surfers search for mistyped queries. Google conducted a survey for 3 months from people looking for "britney spears" : 20% of the queries were mistyped (see survey results)

Targetting typos will bring in massive traffic.

You could also consider it a service for the orthographically challenged, so it does actually add to usability without incommodating searchers.

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Automatically implement misspellings to your site

Feel free to generate as much typos as you want for any keyword your site is using. However, if you are running 1000+ articles sites, this may become quite a burden to generate typos for all of them. What about buying my Typo Trap script ?

Contact me (ozh at planetozh dot com) and let's analyse how this could improve your websites

» Examples of common keywords:

php code reset php code pdf_setpolydash php code pdf_set_font php code imagefill php code imap_thread php code swf_pushmatrix php code imagecolorresolvealpha php code com_message_pump php code assert_options php code cpdf_setgray_fill