Ca y est c’est confirmé Electronic Boutique à racheté Barrysworld:

BarrysWorld To Continue
After a few weeks of believing that the BarrysWorld gaming service was finally going to disappear from the European scene, we are very pleased to announce that Electronics Boutique has stepped in to save the network.

As usual, our nubile cheerleader and BarrysWorld co-founder, TedtheDog, has the detail on what the purchase by EB UK will mean for the network, the employees and you. You can read the statement over here. Also check out a short word from GAME’s CJ Ravey.

We will update with the status of individual services such as hosting, leagues and bookable servers as soon as we can. For now we are grateful to the many companies who have shown an interest, and especially to Electronics Boutique for their enthusiasm for BarrysWorld and, of course, their investment to keep it going in a recognisable form.

A priori, il ne devrait pas y avoir de changements dans le service offert par barrysworld, le plus gros coût étant les employés à plein temps (35).
Reste à savoir si ce service restera gratuit.

Our biggest cost was staff closely followed by the cost of providing the gaming service itself. We used to have 35 full time staff and there’s no way in hell EB could afford to employ everyone again, it’s simply uneconomical.

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