Paul et Todd interviewés

q3idge a interviewé Paul Jacquays et Todd Hollenshead sur q3:TA et ont essayé de glisser quelques questions (qui sont restées sans réponse) sur DOOM3.

Paul a parlé de tout ce qui concerne de map design et a donné des conseils à tout ceux qui voulent s’y mettre :

Paul: Start by deciding what the map will be used for. A free for all map needs to be substantially different than a Capture the Flag style team map. Draw a flow schematic of the map. This can be as complex as a Dungeons & Dragons style map on graph paper or nothing more that labeled boxes with arrows between them showing connectivity. If you have any ideas for special areas, or special relationships between areas, sketch them out and make as many notes as you can.
Next, do architectural studies. Design the look and style of the architecture and the texturing that will go on it. While you’re doing this, think how it will be illuminated and even plan for some dramatic lighting. Once you settle on an architectural style, build some sections of geometry in that style that can be fit together to make halls and doorways. Save them out a prefabs. You should build complicated structures only once and then save and reload them as needed.
To start your level, build a huge box and texture the insides with sky (one that casts light). Add a player start entity. From here you can build and test new pieces of architecture without worrying about leaks in your level (eventually, you get rid of the big box).
Light as you go. Don’t build all the architecture in the map and add light as an afterthought. Dramatic lighting is key to visually exciting maps.
Compile frequently so you can see the progress you are making (and to correct small errors before they can become large errors). .

Quand à Todd, il n’a pas dit grand chose à part qu’il joue à RA3 et Target quake et n’a rien dit quand à un eventuel retour de commander keen(huhu).
Quakeidge: You mentioned in one of your latest .plans that there would be a new sequel off Commander Keen. There isn’t a lot of information of course, but can you tell us a little about it? (Please, please, please, er, sorry)
Todd: We’ll have more details on that later.

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