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Quake3 WebRCON :
Web RCON interface

Pickup script :
Addme, IRC Pickup script for eggdrops

Levelshots :
Toutes les principales maps à Q3

Logos de boots Win2K :
Modifier le logo de démarrage sur Windows 2000

Bots en RA3 :
Comment jouer en RA3 contre Anarki et sa bande

Qoach :
Quake Coaching Tool, very kewl proggie :P

Numeris 128k :
Comment se connecter en 128k. A vous le ping.

Map ospdm1 :
Guide des tricks et jumps sur New Edge (ospdm1).

IRC News :
Super l33t script IRC qui lit les news et envoie des mails.

Bunny-Hopping :
Le guide pour les nuls.

d3xf1 :
Guide des trick-jumps sur cette map CPM.

Config Q3 :
Alias et .cfg pour Quake3, le guide.

Boot Logos :
Des images animées au boot de l'ordinateur.

Le Clanwar Script :
CGI (Perl) script pour rapports de matchs et stats.

La Mail FAQ :
Les questions les plus souvent reçues

Les commandes Q3A :
L'intégralité des commandes et variables, en français

Models Q3A :
Quelques models Q3A (au moins ceux que je trouve jolis)

Les power up dans Q3A :
Chaque map, chaque power up et son temps de respawn. Contrôle du quad !

Strange Util
Manuel du petit freeware magique pour intégrer des sons .MP3 dans vos démos

Circle Jump
Tourner pour sauter plus loin

Alias dans UT
Votre config au poil avec quelques alias, pour Unreal Tournament

Strafe Jump
La petite astuce pour aller beaucoup plus vite

Crate DM
Le jeu le plus addictif du moment après la Dame de Pique

Tout sur LE mod prévu pour les matchs de clans

Double Jump
Le double saut, ou comment tirer parti d'un bug de Quake2.

Q3A et internet :
Quelques trucs pour optimiser la connection

7md2q :
La map q2dm7 inversée (et quelques peu remaniée) par Cyco.

Aliases Q2 :
Alias et cfg, les secrets dévoilés. Un must.

Utilitaire pour souris PS2 donnant plus de fluidité

Movie :
Le premier film d'Ozh : le BoomBoom Tutorial

q2dmflags :
Freeware pour comprendre et utiliser le dmflags

Interview volée :
Immortal et Makaveli sur la tactique et le son dans la q2dm1.

Guide du débutant
Les baaaases : bots, multiplayer, connection sur internet, models.

Irc :
Guide du débutant pour trouver #sarl

Optimiser sa connection avec un petit modem

Thresh's config
Le fichier de config de Thresh, vous savez, le gars pas mauvais...

Programmation de Mod :
Description des .c et .h de la source

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Qoach : the Quake Coaching Tool


/exec WTF.cfg

Qoach is a free utility designed to help quake team coaches with one of their tasks, timing items.
You keep track of items respawning by clicking on their icons. Qoach is in no way triggered by Quake itself : you chose which items you want to look after, you click to start items countdowns, Qoach doesn't "look" into Quake3 to get some information. It is totally independant from Quake3 and not interacting with it.
For questions concerning leagues, cheats and stuff like that, please read the FAQ :)


/cg_overview 1

Load a map, set the match timer to suit your match (20 minutes mostly). When the match starts, click on the match timer to make it begin.
When a player picks up an item, click on this item from your Qoach list, to make its respawn countdown begin.When this countdown is over, yell :)

Map files are very simple text files you can create and modify, where you chose items, as few or as many as you want, the way you want to sort them, their name and location, and their respawn frequency.
A few map sample are included with Qoach, showing examples of item list and sorting.

You can have items with text or icons, as you wish. Item icons available are all weapons including BFG, 25 and 50 health, Red and Yellow armors, Megahealth, Medikit, and Power Ups such as Quad, Regen, Battlesuit, Haste, Flight and Invisibility.
From the few map samples provided with Qoach, you'll find one listing all icons for easy cut and paste :)


/bind q "manual"

How you are supposed to use Qoach (click here to enlarge your free holidays)

You are supposed to use Qoach like this : running Quake3 as a coach in windowed mode, listening to your mates and yelling at them with Roger Wilco or anything similar, with Qoach by your side.
Well, at least, this is how I would use it :)

When you click on an item, its respawn countdown begins. The first timer shows the time remaining before respawning. The second (and optional) timer shows what time it will be, according to the match timer.
To pause a countdown for a few seconds, keep your left mouse button clicked on it, then release to free it again. To reset a timer (wrong item clicked ?), right click it.

Click to start, keep clicked to pause, right click to cancel

If you are a bit late or lagged compared to your teammates, or if you simply got late into the match, you can adjust precisely the match timer. Click it to start and to pause it, right click it to get this hmmmm remote controller

Click to start & pause, right clic to adjust

Or just launch the proggie and read all the tooltips appear as your mouse wanders, damn I didnt spend an hour commenting every clickable thing for nothing :)


/say_team "Options ?"

Yes, Qoach comes with a bunch of options and things you can customize to suit your needs.

Map files are very simple text files.
Lines beginning with a # are ignored and used as comments, lines beginning with a : create a new category separator.
Item lines are written like this :
[item name]:[respawn]
Wherever you want to see an icon instead of plain text, add ico_ before.


# This is an example
# It will be like the 3rd category of the 1st sshot above
:text or icons
Upper RL:30
Upper ico_RL:30
YA near fog:25
ico_YA near fog:25

Qoach comes with a few map files examples, so you can easily create your own (which is not really necessary by the way)

You can chose everything's color, save your settings into custom set files. As examples to create your own set, Qoach comes with a few "themes" from which you'll find good and ugly :)

The Options menu offers more options than OSP !Qoach comes with a few predefined option sets



Enough reading ? Download the stuff !
Download Qoach 1.00 (1.5 Mo)

Note to early users who got a bug on launch : doh, sorry, the installer files has been fix0red. If you don't want to re-get the proggie, just edit the .ini and .set files, and replace "Faux" with "False" and "Vrai" with "True". Thx to [-KW-]Strogg for the fix, and sorry for any trouble :)




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