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Interview with Blokey

Member of Clan Unreal, member of the UK Quake2 team that defeated the French Q2 team (doh, it still hurts :) at Lan Arena 3, and winner of the UK CPL Qualifications, Blokey will come in 4 days at Lan Arena 4 in Paris, one week before the RazerCPL.

Moving from Q2 to Q3, training, the players he fears... He accepted to answer a few questions :

<Ozh> ok so... Hi blokey
<blokey> hi
<Ozh> A/S/L ? :P
<blokey> 17/m/brighton, england :)

<Ozh> Do you feel most of the star Q3 players come from Q1 rather than Q2 ?
<blokey> urm

<Ozh> Actually, most of the Q3 names seems to be coming from old ages I mean
<Ozh> Do you see any particular reason for that ?
<blokey> well possibly
<blokey> depends where you look for it
<blokey> I guess it could be because q1 players are getting bored of q1/qw now
<blokey> whereas q2 has a bit more life left in it yet

<Ozh> Did you play Q1 yourself ?
<blokey> I played q1 then moved onto q2 about 6months after q2 was released

<Ozh> What difficulties or feeling do you remember from your beginning at Q3 (as a former Q2 player)
<Ozh> (if any)
<blokey> well not a lot really, i think adjusting to the 1on1 style took a while
<blokey> mainly because i'd been dueling almost solely on q2dm1
<blokey> so i was only used to the q2dm1 style of dueling
<blokey> q3 duels are quite a lot different

<Ozh> Was the weapon respawning timing something hard to get ? :)
<blokey> no not really, I'm quite used to it now
<blokey> i couldnt imagine playing a duel now where I had to wait more than a few seconds for a weapon

<Ozh> Any difficulties regarding the LG ? the speed of the game ? all those things Q2 players were not used to ?
<Ozh> (Or do you find it as a natural sequel to Q2)
<blokey> well, the lg is very much like the chaingun in its aim and application
<blokey> so it didnt take too long to learn it
<blokey> i think the physics are more like q2 than qw, so that wasnt an adjustment either

<Ozh> Has clan Unreal completely turned into Q3 ? Was it like a normal thing, or was it discussed ?
<blokey> we had a big clan discussion

<Ozh> ah :)
<blokey> i think we had almost every member past and present in irc to discuss it

<Ozh> wow :) hot topic ?
<blokey> heh yeah
<blokey> we pretty much decided no one would play q2 as UNR any more
<blokey> and the majority went on to play q3
<blokey> (in unr)
<blokey> :]

<Ozh> Ok
<Ozh> no regrets ?
<blokey> no i dont think so, im glad we moved on instead of sticking to q2 like some clans who are afraid to start a game from scratch
<blokey> i still play a bit of q2 with my old q2 clan FED

<Ozh> Were you excited to play against famous former Q1 players ?
<blokey> well back when I played QW, clans like 4k and DC would regularly pound my QW clan
<blokey> now im playing q3, we are giving them close games every time we meet

<Ozh> aaaah time to get even :))
<blokey> yeah its nice going up against them this way :)

<Ozh> Regarding the CPL :
<Ozh> Do you follow a particular training schedule ?
<blokey> kinda

<Ozh> How long do you train ? (every day ?)
<blokey> The playingfields (the lan cafe i won the qualifier at)
<blokey> were really keen for me to do well at CPL, so they've been letting me train there for free. Ive been lanning there with top uk players every week
<blokey> well im on a modem, so i tend not to duel much for most the week
<blokey> then play a lot for one day on lan
<blokey> this weekend i was at a local lanparty, and i got a lot of practice in then

<Ozh> ok
<Ozh> Did you watch famous players demos to study their style ?
<blokey> yeah, dueling on a modem doesnt help a lot to learn the level
<blokey> so ive got a LOT of demos of good players to watch

<Ozh> Your favorite player by now ?
<blokey> er i like c3 now ive seen those demos of him vs fat
<blokey> but i admire a lot of the star players that have come from qw/q2 too

<Ozh> Stars from Q2 like Shub ? Maka ?
<blokey> yeah
<blokey> i thought immy rocked too, pity he didnt do too well at xsi :/

<Ozh> well.. yep
<blokey> i think he is signed up for this cpl, im hoping he is secretly really really well practiced :]

<Ozh> :)
<Ozh> What are your strenghts and your weaknesses ? (keep some stuffs secret, don't tell everyone you suck at railgun ;)
<blokey> heh
<blokey> well playing on a modem helps me play defensively
<blokey> im used to the LPB owning the level with his ping
<blokey> so i get a lot of practice at playing without level control
<blokey> apart from that i guess im just lucky as well :]

<Ozh> haha :)
<Ozh> Fav map btw ?
<blokey> probably t2

<Ozh> ? I would have said T4 :)
<blokey> yeah ive played it a lot more on a lan
<blokey> and ive started going off it
<blokey> its a lot of fun vs llamas though :]

<Ozh> heheh :))
<Ozh> rail rail rail rail rail rail rail rail ....
<blokey> hehehe yeah precisely

<Ozh> Regarding the LA4 :
<Ozh> Is LA4 a fun lan, or just a serious training for the CPL ? What is your mind coming back in Paris ?
<Ozh> (Winning again ? :)
<blokey> yeah im not sure about winning, theres a lot of good players coming
<blokey> its fairly serious
<blokey> im going to be trying to get as many duels against top players as possible
<blokey> but i wanna enjoy myself :)

<Ozh> great :)
<Ozh> Who will be your most feared opponent there ?
<blokey> kane/lakerman

<Ozh> :)
<blokey> they both have tons more experience than me

<Ozh> yep for sure
<blokey> but i definetly want to see how i measure up against them

<Ozh> ready to kick some ass Blokey :)
<blokey> YEAH
<blokey> maybe
<blokey> :>

<Ozh> Ok blokey, thanks a lot for your time :)
<blokey> np :]
<blokey> cya at la4 i guess

<Ozh> I'll be there yep :)
<blokey> cool

<Ozh> GL :)
<blokey> yeah ive got a feeling ill need it

<Ozh> hehe :))
<Ozh> thx a lot and cya in Paris :)
<blokey> hehe yeah