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Euro's to Quakecon CTF 2003 :
[4K^Blunt]'s interview


Dallas, 2003 : 4 european teams are qualified to compete with yet unchallenged North American teams.


Part two : Blunt's views, from clan 4 Kings.


Ozh: First of all, congratulation about your qualification. Tell us a bit about this : how did the project to go to Dallas get in your mind, and what is your team's feeling now you're amongst the chosen few ?
[4K^Blunt]: Thanks, well i saw Q3 CTF for Quakecon on the Qcon website. I told my clan mate Jay about it, and he proceeded to get a team together. When i came back from my short holiday i was in a 4vs4 CTF squad with Jay (ex-IQS) blokey (ex-neo) and furax(ex-IQS leader). Myself and Jay are looking preparing for this event, im going to glastonbury tommorow, to work and devise tactics, then we are going to london to lan on my cable.


Ozh: About the qualifier itself : wasn't it a bit fun to play with 100 ping, like back to old 56K days ? :) Did you prepare for such game conditions ?
[4K^Blunt]: haha, no it wasnt fun at all, im all ping, it sucks. About the preperation, i think we were probably the least prepared clan in this event, me and jay were at glastonbury music festival and only arrived back a few hours before the game still stoned and abit drunk, furax had also just returned from a festival in belgium.
However, me jay furax were all here before the game started about 30 mins, hung-over, while blokey who did nothing that week was nowhere to be seen, so we had to ring him up about 10x to get him to come onto irc and play the game, he only just made it.


Ozh: Being used to 5v5, what do you think about 4v4 american style ? (more or > less tactical ? speed ? fun ? ffa ? teamplay ? ...)
[4K^Blunt]: i think its more TDM-like, its not less or more tactical, but i do think more aim is involved, as we're all from TDM backgrounds, UNR / DC apart from furax, we should do well hopefully :d


Ozh: Do you think euro teams, and in particular your team, will have a handicap from not being used to 4v4 ? Do you think NA teams will have a big tactical advantage ? What are your plans about this ? (lan training, online trainings with US teams .. ?)
[4K^Blunt]: No i dont think US teams will be a big threat to the better euros. I belive we may not have better 4vs4 tactics, but our aim on lan should more than makeup for that. Also we may lan with a euro team, gzd or maybe aaa.


Ozh: Do you know any of the NA teams qualified ? Do you fear some ? (knowing none and fearing nobody is an option :)
[4K^Blunt]: No, you cant fear anyone especially the americans. they thought 519 would win la7. :d
[4K^Blunt]: POWNED
[4K^Blunt]: :P
[4K^Blunt]: Cloud9 are good, with cl0cks, but ]Pm[ seems to suckkk with their self proclaimed "best clan in NA" status.
[4K^Blunt]: :P
Ozh: =)
[4K^Blunt]: who u think will win btw?
Ozh: hmm, tbh I dont know, I think the us teams are not very entertainning :P
[4K^Blunt]: we have me jay blokey ! we r sex!
Ozh: I've watched a few US demos but always found myself sleeping before the end
[4K^Blunt]: lol:) On lan it will be soo harsh i think :)
Ozh: my opinion is playing 4v4 may be a bit slower, they're always waiting for cover, and thus cant run half as quick as a good euro runner
[4K^Blunt]: runners wont be as effective though in 4vs4 as 5vs5 imo :)

Ozh: What is your opinion about the current trashtalking "na > euro" or "euro pwnz NA" on various community sites ?
[4K^Blunt]: euro pwnz NA for sure :)

Ozh: Last one : how is your financial situation regarding this trip ? Did you find any sponsors ? Is money a problem ? What is today the probability for you actually going to Dallas ?
[4K^Blunt]: its a high probablity for us to go, ive been in regular contact with jay and the rest of the team. It should be fine.

Ozh: great :) Thx for your time then blunt, hf there, and gl for pwning the world ! :)
[4K^Blunt]: lol thanks fromage pdgay etc.. etc. :P



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