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Three days before Lan Arena 4 : Lakerman showing it all

Member of The Swedish Chefs, Lakerman_of_SC just won the Danish RazerCPL Qualifications, and comes for some training at Lan-Arena 4.

How does he train ? What's his weakness ? And does he really cook amongst the Chefs ? Read on !

<Ozh> Ok, so
<Ozh> Hi Lakerman :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> Hello :)

<Ozh> Some questions about you first :
<Ozh> A/S/L ? :Þ
<LakermaN_of_SC> 19, Male, Uppsala Sweden

<Ozh> How long have you been playing by now ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> I started playing Doom in 96, so 4 years now.

<Ozh> And playing Q1 just till Q3 came out ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> Actually, I gave up Q1 last spring so I had a 9 month break before Q3 came out

<Ozh> Doh ?! What did you do ? Cooking ? :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> I regained my social life :)

<Ozh> (as a Chef, I think you have to cook sometimes :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> I cook a lot, I cant stand my moms cooking so I basically cook everything myself :)

<Ozh> No ? Kidding ??
<LakermaN_of_SC> Nah, really

<Ozh> Wooow :)) great !
<LakermaN_of_SC> :P

<Ozh> You're now part of the cooking staff for the Lan Arena 4 in Paris !
<Ozh> Congratulations :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> Thanks! :)

<Ozh> Regarding your beginning to Q3, did you have any difficulty to get used to one particular thing ? (physics, weapon balance..)
<LakermaN_of_SC> Nope, didnt have any problems at all. After a week or so of playing everything felt good.

<Ozh> Damn. (I wish I had the same feeling:)
<Ozh> Any old school opinion about the railgun ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> Well, I didnt play Q2 so I dont know if that was better or not, I love the railgun in Q3 though :)

<Ozh> Hehe :)
<Ozh> What's your fav map by now ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> T4

<Ozh> T4 :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> hehe :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> Im starting to really like T2 and DM13 as well now

<Ozh> Well, yes talking about these ones :
<LakermaN_of_SC> Im gonna practice DM6 like a madman now, so maybe Ill like that one soon too :)

<Ozh> Ok you even answer before I actually ask :)
<Ozh> (I understand now what makes a great player)
<LakermaN_of_SC> yeop
<LakermaN_of_SC> its luck :)

<Ozh> :))
<Ozh> :Þ
<LakermaN_of_SC> :P

<Ozh> Regarding the CPL:
<Ozh> Do you follow a particular training schedule ? (train every day ? every hour ? :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> hehe, no way
<LakermaN_of_SC> Ive always been the kind of person who cant do stuff when its not fun
<LakermaN_of_SC> I only play when I feel like it

<Ozh> Which is like... every 2 hours ? 4 days ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> I play 1 hour per day against bot, then maybe 4-6 games in the evening

<Ozh> Do you practice online ? (don't worry, not gonna hassle you for a duel :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> Yea I do all my duelling online.

<Ozh> Interesting : practice and bots. Is it only to adjust your aim ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> Yep

<Ozh> What are your strenghts and your weaknesses ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> My strenght are that I play well under pressure, I have good tactics and can lock down the map. My aim isnt that amazing I guess, i especially suck with plasma.

<Ozh> Hehe :))
<LakermaN_of_SC> :)

<Ozh> About keeping cool under pressure, I particulary applause your playing against Trinidy on DM13 and losing 4-0 at the beginning :)
<Ozh> And coming back that hard after
<LakermaN_of_SC> I watched that demo today, I cant believe he didnt die :). I didnt get stressed out because I still had control over the map

<Ozh> Yep, it's true. And from his pov you can really see stress coming up :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> Hehe, havent watched his pov but I can imagine :)

<Ozh> Did you watch other players demos to study their style ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> Nah, I never care about other people styles, I just play my own game regardless of how the opponent plays.
<LakermaN_of_SC> I watch demos because theyre fun though :)

<Ozh> :)
<Ozh> Regarding the LA4 and the french quakers now
<Ozh> Just curious : do you know any french player, or any french clan ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> Danlod :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> and...
<LakermaN_of_SC> er!
<LakermaN_of_SC> Danold
<LakermaN_of_SC> :)

<Ozh> Hehe :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> thats about it I think, Im sure ill know a few more after the weekend :)

<Ozh> For sure :)
<Ozh> For you, is LA4 (also) a fun lan, or just a serious training for the CPL ? What is your mind coming in France ?
<Ozh> 1. Winning, or 1. Having Fun, 2. Winning ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> Its a mix of everything, its fun going to different cities, especially Paris since its a great place. The practicing before CPL is also a very good thing since Im not in top shape just yet, also the tournament will be lots of fun :)

<Ozh> (Hu, in case you would not be aware of it, for many people you are the favorite for the duel tourney :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> (kane is coming!)

<Ozh> Hehe :))
<Ozh> He is the other favorite :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> hehe, k :)

<Ozh> Who will be your most feared opponent there ?
<Ozh> Kane ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> No doubt yes :)

<Ozh> My last question :
<Ozh> Do you think french player will at least 0wn j00 at cooking ? :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> Hehe, most likely, they might beat me in the tourney too :)

<Ozh> Hmm... I would bet on a cooking duel rather than on a quake duel :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> We'll see :)

<Ozh> Okay, any thing you want to add ? To say to France before coming ?
<LakermaN_of_SC> Thanks for having me over, its gonna be a lot of fun :)

<Ozh> No doubt about that :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> :]

<Ozh> Thanks a lot for your time Laker
<LakermaN_of_SC> u2 :)

<Ozh> And see you in a few days in Paris :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> yep, cya there :)

<Ozh> Thanks again :) And GL :)
<LakermaN_of_SC> thx :)