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PMQ : Earn millions get rich fast !


After 3 weeks or so, PMQ turns to be, at least in my opinion, quite fun, but I'm still doing shit. Hey, I thought, why not ask those who earn millionz ? So I asked a few top gamblers for secret tips and advices.

I asked Kapiter, who has been leading PMQ with about 860 EQ, and playing TDM in clan RNF, RA3 in clan MSR and CTF in clan ZN.
I also interviewed illkillya from the Irish clan FH (Fish Heads), and NuK3 from clan ESP, who are doing pretty well.
Of course, I've asked The Man himself, BigFoot, who *has* to do well since he is the banker :)
Finally, I asked Jazka, from french clan CRAPS, who has not done that good yet in the PMQ, but suddenly owned its french version for weeks with more than 2000 EQ.

Hopefully, this is a better read than all the "get rich" spam you have ever received :)

* What is your aim in PMQ ?

BigFoot : As the person who puts in the info etc then i don't really want to win as people will just accuse me of cheating, so i just play it for a bit of fun.
NuK3 : Rank, Money, and laughing at BigFoot's poor betting skills :)
illkillya : I'm happy as long as I stay ahead of BigFoot in the rankings :)
Jazka : I'm aimed to an extend as far as "lamoule" can coach me in regard, glory and sexual relationships.
Kapiter : I am waiting to change my EQ into dollars to buy microsoft.

* What's your strategy ? Give some tips to readers.

illkillya : The clan on the left always wins.
NuK3 : bet a large some on clans i feel i know or those with relatively good odds and some info on them. place small bets of 10 q-euros on bad odds i.e. 10/1 and hope i get lucky :)
BigFoot : I normally use the same strategy as when i bet in real life, but i'm not going to say what that is :).
Jazka : Hard to explain here: give me your Quake Euros, i'll teach you how to make money quickly and easily! (However the most common error is to bet by reflex on our own country's clans; it's time to think ;))
Kapiter : I look for high amount of money bets, and bet the opposite. Then I go to church and pray God and light some candles.

* What has been your best bet ?

NuK3 : Dunno but when i last looked i was tenth richest :)
Jazka : After a nice start, I loaned the maximum i can (something like 400 Q, so i had a total amount of 800 Q). I've bet my treasure on the typical "lamoule" clan SARL, a little bit undershoted with a nice quote (something like 3/1). It was a total ownage of "lamoule" =)
Kapiter : hum look in the top bet :)
BigFoot : I think when i bet on Rush to beat A41.
illkillya : Istabraq

* What has been your worst bet ?

illkillya : Ah feck.. you mean in the PMQ
NuK3 : Betting on ESP (my clan) to win against french elites RnF. lost bout 80 qe ...
Kapiter : I never lost coz I 0wNz j00
BigFoot : I bet on fear.uk to beat FF in Week 1 of CTF, i lost 70 of my 100 Euros cos it was a draw :).
Jazka : It was not a bet, it was a suicide! I have owned the french PMQ, 1srt and alone since weeks, nothing else to prouve so I leave in dignity without destroy quotes by my financial power. Yes, I'm okay. :p

* Do you have a clan PMQ strategy ? (like sharing tips, or asking everyone to bet as you do)

BigFoot : No.
NuK3 : Yep i tell my clan to win and bet on em. :) [nothing like a bit of pressure to force a win:)]
illkillya : Unfortunately many of my clanmates in FH are suffering from a bout of Marine Velvet Disease which has made typing difficult due to swollen fins. This makes typing almost impossible, so they have been unable to avail of the PMQ so far.
Kapiter : yes. Coz my teamates are morons I give them false informations so I can win their money. I am evil, you know.

* Do you misinform gamblers when your clan is involved ?

Kapiter : of course.
Jazka : Wanted misinform is often inform in PMQ world, the best "misiformation" is often to say: "match will be close"...
NuK3 : i like to tell ppl my clan are shit so if they bet on em loosing i get loadsa money when we win :-)
BigFoot : Some people ask me for bets and i say what games i think will be fairly certain, but things change between then and the games themselves.
illkillya : No... I like to see people voting on a clan they never heard of named "Fish Heads", playing another clan they never heard of... like "Satanic Angels of Death" and automatically assuming we'll get raped.

* What game would you like to see happen and bet on ?

NuK3 : ESP v 4K :)
illkillya : 4k vs Cx week 9 - Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th September. Its a long time away, but I'll think I'll bet on a Cx win so I expect to cash in 8)
Jazka : Mother Queen vs Loana (french Bigbrother bimbo chick, alias for Nightfever too).
Kapiter : I dont care much coz I even don't know much of the clans involved. My luck and the help of God are my guides.
BigFoot : I'd like to see betting on Divisions.

* Any exclusive info about your clan in a future match ?

illkillya : Our BWDML division is a tricky one to call, with a clans from Spain, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, France, UK, and Ireland and there have been very few matches in the past between any of these clans. I can't say how FH will do in the BWCTFL, because our CTF side is brand new, and our players haven't settled down to it yet, some of them I'm sure would prefer to stick to TDM, so I expect out teamplay to improve throughout the season. Err... thats not exclusive... OK - Week 8 of BWCTFL a force will return to the FH ranks, the magnitude of which has not been seen since since the Chaos Wars. Expect all remaining matches to be very one-sided. *cough* don't ask which side.
NuK3 : Yer were gonna win (duh!)
Jazka : Yes: matches will be close :p And never bet on Craps when attraction between volition to win and "call" is to close! Otherwise it's well know that the best clan strategy for Craps is FFA.
BigFoot : I think we will win more than we lose in CTF.
Kapiter : hum yes we will loose all our matchs. Just bet against us.

Thanks, and GL in the PMQ :)

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